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Why we use Inspection system in folder gluer

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In the packaging industry, folder gluer machines play a crucial role in the production of cardboard boxes. A folder gluer machine folds and glues flat pieces of cardboard to create various types of boxes. However, the quality of the finished product is highly dependent on the precision of the manufacturing process. In order to ensure the consistency and quality of the produced boxes, folder gluer machines are equipped with an inspection system. The inspection system helps to detect defects in the boxes during the production process and ensure that only high-quality boxes are delivered to the end customer.


The Inspection System

The inspection system of a folder gluer machine is a combination of hardware and software that works together to detect defects in the boxes. The hardware component includes various sensors and cameras that are installed at different stages of the production process. The cameras take images of the boxes, while the sensors detect any deviations in the box's dimensions, positions, or alignment. These sensors and cameras are connected to a central computer that analyzes the data and provides feedback to the machine operator.

The software component of the inspection system is responsible for analyzing the data collected by the sensors and cameras. The software uses image processing techniques to analyze the images captured by the cameras. It also uses advanced algorithms to detect any defects in the box, such as incorrect folds, missing flaps, or misaligned glue lines. Once the software detects a defect, it alerts the machine operator, who can then take corrective action.

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