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End Use Sector and Specialty Application?

With over 15 years of experience in the production of such equipment, SimSun is perfectly placed to deliver the machinery that carton packaging manufacturers around the world need.

Our Core Products

Hit the quality and production targets of your carton packaging production with our automatic folder-gluer machines.

Fully Customized

Specification configuration folding machine

We have worked with different companies to take their ideas from conception to realisation of their Efficiency and Gluing solutions. Whether it's a customized function or a customized look, we can provide you with the perfect Post-press processing solutions.

Diversified carton application
  • Straight line Box

    Straight line Box

  • Lock-bottom Box

    Lock-bottom Box

  • 4 corner Box

    4 corner Box

  • 6 corner Box

    6 corner Box

  • Carrier Box

    Carrier Box

  • Partition boxes

    Partition boxes

  • Box with inner holders

    Box with inner holders

Guangzhou SimSun Machinery co., Ltd

Guangzhou SimSun Machinery Co., Ltd. is in Nansha District, Guangzhou City, China. It’s a leading supplier for post-print machinery with professional technology to produce and offer high quality machines. Owning professional teams with years of experiences, it’s no doubt about our machine quality and performance. Moreover, we provide quality assurance and complete after-sales service to pursue the goal of customer first and quality first. Also strive for a perfect role in the post-print industry.

Throughout The Trading Process

Number One commits to providing you professional service, quality products at a competitive price.

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  • If I order a machine, how long does it usually take for me to receive?
    Usually within 3 weeks if no customization on the machines, but It may take up to 60 working days if the shipping company stock is in trouble(Shipping times vary in different countries).
  • Will someone install the machine for me?
    Our machines are very easy to install. Because of the situation of COVID-19, we will provide free remote video guidance for commissioning. but if you need, we will ask our engineers to visit your home to debug and install.
  • Can you send me your catalog?
    Yes. We appreciate it if you can leave your email address for catalog sending. We can recommend the most suitable machine according to your requirement so that you can choose models immediately.
  • Can you customize the machine according to the sample box we sent?
    Yes, in order to meet your production needs, we can process and produce according to the samples you provide, take pictures and videos of the whole process, and send the completed boxes back to you.
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